Banubanu Wilderness Retreat is located in the Northern Territory, which unlike most other parts of Australia, has only two seasons: the Dry Season and the Wet Season.

Dry Season – May to October

The best time to visit Banubanu is the Dry Season when the weather conditions are much cooler than the Wet Season. Temperatures can range anywhere between 20oC (68oF) and 31oC (88oF) during the day and drop to a low of 20oC (68oF) at night. Visitors from southern parts of Australia prefer to visit the Northern Territory in the Dry Season to escape the cold winters experienced in the south. If you don’t cope too well with the heat then you may wish to visit Banubanu in the Dry Season.

The dry season bears perfect, cool temperatures for fishing off the rocks
Typical Dry Season day

Wet Season – November to April

The Northern Territory experiences its hottest temperatures in the Wet Season. The average daily temperature can range anywhere between 25oC (77oF) and 35oC (95oF). If you prefer the warmer climate then you should visit Banubanu in the Wet Season. Please be mindful that the Wet Season also brings with it the risk of cyclones and we may need to cancel your trip if the weather is deemed unsafe to be on or near the water.

Cloudy day over the bay but still a beautiful sight!
Wet Season 2015

More information

Please visit the Bureau of Meteorology for more information about weather and climate conditions in the Northern Territory.