Things to do at Banubanu

There’s plenty to do during your stay at Banubanu. Go on a tour of Bremer Island or just chill out on the beach with a good book. The choice is yours! Please note that our guided activities are extra and will attract additional fees on top of the cost of your accommodation.

Cultural experiences

Spear throwing lesson on the beach

Learn about the customs and traditions of the local Yolngu community. The men will show you how to make fishing spears and take you hunting for fish and mud crabs the traditional way. The women will teach you how to weave a traditional basket and explain the meaning behind the traditional paintings on shells and other artefacts.

Just chilling out

View of the sunset from the hammock

No guides needed! Enjoy and experience the total bliss of the remote solitude and clear skies that Banubanu has to offer. The owner’s original vision for Banubanu was to create a holiday destination where guests could take time out from their busy lives and recharge their minds, bodies and souls. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the peaceful surrounds and settings of beautiful East Arnhem Land.

Turtle watching

Turtle on the beach making its way to the water

During the nesting season we have seen as many as five new turtle nests appearing every week on the small beach in front of our camp. We steer clear of those but there is ample opportunity to see the turtles up close. We send out a member of staff ahead to locate fresh turtle tracks and radio back the locations to ensure guests can get up close to these wonderful creatures in an eco friendly way.

Island tour

Couple enjoying the 4WD island tour

Bremer Island is about the size of Lord Howe Island but is inhabited only by the retreat staff and a small indigenous community. A 4-wheel drive tour is a must to see this unspoiled piece of remote Northern Territory.


Fishing on the beach

A premier activity here, truly world class fishing with a myriad of species including Spanish Mackerel, Coral Trout and other prized blue water and reef fish in the waters surrounding the Gove Peninsula in North East Arnhem Land. Full day fishing charters are available. Beach fishing is also an option. Check out our Fishing page for more information.

Cooking classes with Helen


Banubanu co-owner Helen has a knack for cooking and loves sharing her recipes and food tips with others. Join her in the kitchen as she teaches you how to cook a delicious two course meal and her tasty homemade Banubanu bread.

Bird watching


4-wheel drive and boat tours can be arranged to spot some of our 65 species seen on Bremer Island and the surrounding islands. Most of the smaller uninhabited islands seen from Bremer Island are listed important bird areas in Arnhem Land and are home to large populations of sea birds which feed off the bounty of these fish rich waters.

Walking trails


Banubanu has planned and marked out a number of walking trails from 1.5 kilometres to 5 kilometres long for the walking enthusiasts to enjoy during the cool of the day.