Escape to an island paradise

Banubanu Wilderness Retreat is located on Bremer Island, a secluded island found in North East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. The North East Arnhem Land region is known for its majestic beaches and lush tropical surrounds. Banubanu has been built in a way that allows guests to experience and appreciate the natural wonders that East Arnhem Land has to offer.

A couple gazing at a glorious East Arnhem Land sunset
A gorgeous East Arnhem Land sunset

Rustic features

Banubanu is a simple retreat – most of the buildings have been built using local materials recovered from the island’s beaches. Its simplicity adds to its appeal. Guests have several accommodation options to choose from: two cabins, three beachfront tents and four safari tents.

Guests share a communal dining and recreational area. The communal dining area is where all meals are served. Guests are invited to chill out in the recreational area with a book or learn about the history of Bremer Island from the retreat’s owners. The facilities are simple but the owners have designed it that way so guests can appreciate beach living and being close to nature.

If you're looking for a unique remote island holiday destination then Banubanu Wilderness Retreat is for you.
Banubanu's rustic looking communal dining and recreational areas
Communal dining and recreational areas

Five reasons to visit Banubanu Wilderness Retreat

1. Deliberately kept small so you can be assured of privacy and quiet time
The maximum occupancy is 16 people. This is to ensure guests have a true experience of remote island living. You may be lucky enough to have the entire retreat to yourself during your stay!


2. Pristine beaches and stunning sunsets
Banubanu is situated on Bremer Island which is surrounded by azure blue waters and white sand beaches. There are two beaches to choose from: one is popular for swimming and the other has calm shallow waters where you can sit and admire the peaceful surrounds.

Sunshine and clear skies over Western Bay Beach

3. Relax and disconnect from the world
In the busy world that we live in we’re constantly glued to our mobile phones. One of the great things about Banubanu is the limited telephone coverage. You may think that’s a bad thing but we encourage our guests to relax and unwind as soon as they reach the retreat. If you do need to make an important call, you can find a signal on top of the tallest sand dune.


4. Learn about the local Yolgnu community
Banubanu shares Bremer Island with the people from the local Yolgnu community. We work in partnership with the community to offer guests cultural experiences where you can learn more about the local Yolgnu people including their customs and traditions. You can learn about traditional basket weaving from the women and and the men will teach you how to catch crabs the Yolgnu way.


5. Incredible fishing
The Arafura Sea is home to some of the world’s best fish species. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you may want to consider booking a full day fishing charter. Alternatively you can cast a line from the beach.

Catch of the day - Saddle Tail Snapper